D’ Liteful Magic

IMG_0006 - CopyImagine being able to produce a small ball of light right at the tip of your fingers, toss it from hand to hand and then have it vanish in the blink of an eye. You can do that and more with a little magical item know as the D’ lite.

So what is this mysterious little gadget you ask?  The D’lite, by magician Rocco, has been around for many years and is a light source concealed inside a thumb tip. This little gem packs small but plays big!

How it works: To turn on the light simply squeeze the thumb wearing the tip against the index finger of that hand and the light comes on; release the pressure and the light is back off. Yes it is really that easy.


How is it magical?: Simply plucking a ball of light from mid air is amazing on it’s own but let’s take this concept a bit further and work in some magical moves.

Phase I: While holding the light in one hand, reach up with the other hand as if to grab the light into your palm, as the hand closes around the D’ lite, allow the light to turn off. This maneuver gives the illusion that this ball of light is in the opposite closed hand. Give a tossing motion as you open the hand and it appears that the light has simply vanished.


IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0009 IMG_0011 IMG_0012

Phase II: Using two D’ lites of the same color you can now produce light in one hand and toss it from one hand to the other. This will take a bit of practice to get your timing down, standing in front of a mirror will help you get the audience perspective. You can also work this bit with an assistant either on stage or out in the audience. Throwing a ball of light between two people really leaves the audience guessing as to how this is possible.

Phase III: Picking the light off of something such as a Christmas tree is a great way to start a D’ lite routine. The light on the tree does not even need to go out to produce astounding results.


More fun: D’ lite gimmicks come in different colors, some that feature a color change option, and one that morphs through a rainbow of colors while you hold the light. The Bag O lites is a prop that looks like an ordinary paper bag, but when the light is tossed into the bag you can see it falling down to the bottom.

Blue D' lite

Blue D’ lite


*When working with the D’ lite products, having a room with soft lighting will increase the effect of the apparatus.

*While wearing the D’ lite act casual and don’t try to hide the tip, this actually draws more attention to your hands. This prop is well made and when handled properly people will never think to look for something you are wearing on your thumb.

IMG_0010 - Copy copy

As you can see, even in this still frame the D’ lite does not stand out.

These are just a few ideas for using the D’ lite, DVD’s are also available offering tips for handling and routine ideas. Remember, great practice habits deliver great magical performances.

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