Delicate Ice Princess Mask Tutorial With Bling Cluster

2016-01-28 CA FrozMaskFinalC

I spent the quiet season during Christmas and New Year’s creating bling clusters. Although it took awhile to get up to speed and create a faster system, it was worth the work, and the result is that I have loads of gorgeous bling clusters for when it becomes busier. I’m so excited to share one of the designs which I created from bling inspiration, and I hope you enjoy it.


Paradise light blue
TAG pearl sky blue
TAG pearl white
TAG pearl lilac
TAG pearl purple
Diamond FX white
Silver liquid bling
Bling cluster made from gems
Cosmetic glitter (optional)
#1 round brush
#3 round brush


Begin by loading your sponge with a combination of TAG pearl light blue, Paradise light blue, and TAG pearl white. I often use these colors in conjunction, and I use the TAG pearl white to add a sheen and control the darkness of colors. Sponge them in the desired shape over the eyelids and forehead.

2016-01-28 CA FrozMaskStep01A

Leave a space in the middle of the forehead above the eyebrows for where you’ll place your gem cluster. The space should be slightly smaller than the gem cluster you’ll be using. You can also sponge over the area and use a cotton swab to clean the area before you apply the gem.

2016-01-28 CA FrozMaskStep01B

Load your sponge with some TAG pearl light purple and TAG pearl purple. Apply on the eyelids next to the lashes, at the top center of the design, and at the temples to add depth and tone variation.

2016-01-28 CA FrozMaskStep02A

2016-01-28 CA FrozMaskStep02B

When I transport gems, I’ve already applied glitter glue adhesive to the backs and allowed it to dry. Because of this, I can peal it off the plastic and apply it without adding more the skin. However, to make them stick well, I’d consider adding a little glitter glue adhesive to the skin where you plan to apply it, allow it to become tacky, and then press the gem cluster in place.

2016-01-28 CA FrozMaskStep03

Load your #3 round brush and create the basic swirls and teardrops you’ll build the rest of the design on. It’s hard to make these even on both sides, so it’s best to paint on your weak side first.

2016-01-28 CA FrozMaskStep04

2016-01-28 CA FrozMaskStep05

Begin to add extra teardrops, making each one successively smaller and bringing the tips toward the center as you lift away from the skin.

2016-01-28 CA FrozMaskStep06A

Place more teardrops and swirls on the sides of the mask.



2016-01-28 CA FrozMaskStep06B

2016-01-28 CA FrozMaskStep06C

Load your #1 round brush with white and create a delicate outline around portions of the design. This adds tremendous visual appeal to the design.

2016-01-28 CA FrozMaskStep07A

2016-01-28 CA FrozMaskStep07B

2016-01-28 CA FrozMaskStep08

Add dots and starbursts for extra visual impact. At this point, you could be finished and the design would still be beautiful. If you have time, though, add a liquid bling outline.

2016-01-28 CA FrozMaskFinalB

Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary face painter for Face Paint Pizzazz in the NW Chicago suburbs. She also writes for as the Chicago Face Painting Examiner.

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