Dental Clowning Routines

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Believe it or not often times as an entertainer you will have a request for a routine that is out of the normal scheme of things. We have had a request for routines on dental hygiene, so are three routines that will flow nicely together.

Dental Floss Routine

Presentation: Entertainer brings out a container of dental floss and a toothbrush as the routine begins. “ Does everyone floss at least 5 times a week?” (Begin pulling floss and break off a strand about 6 inches in length.) “Flossing your teeth is as important as regular brushing.” (Break of another piece the same length.) “Floss can reach in between your teeth where a toothbrush can’t.” “Although I think these pieces are too small to do the job.” (Bring one end form each strand together between your index finger and thumb.) “If someone will wave my magic wand (which is the toothbrush) over the two strands of floss, I think we can fix that.” (Grasp one of the loose ends of floss, letting go of the middle revealing one long strand of floss. Present the floss to the audience.)
Step No. 1
Step No. 2
Step No. 3
Step No. 4

How It Works: Make sure to use waxed floss. Very simply roll the two ends together between your thumb and finger out of audience view; this motion causes the wax to stick the pieces together looking like one full piece.

TIPS: Make sure to discard this piece before moving on with your act, as it will not stay together for the next portion.

Dental Floss Routine with Life Saver

Presentation: Entertainer brings out a lifesaver candy. “ I’m sure everyone enjoys candy, I know I do.” “My dentist showed me some pictures of peoples teeth who ate candy and never flossed, they were all full of cavities.” (Pull of a strand of floss 12 inches or more.) “Let me show you how floss can help get the candy out from between our teeth.” (Thread the lifesaver onto the floss half way and place it in your upright palm.) “Pretend my and is the space in between my teeth and this candy is stuck there.” (Close your hand around the candy turning your palm to the floor.) (Have and assistant help with this part.) “ Now I need someone to hold the ends of the floss.” (Pull the strand up and over the back of your hand passing it off to the assistant, repeat the move with the other end.) “Take my magic wand and wave it over my hand.” (Now rotate your palm back upwards and reveal the candy is gone from your hand.) “ Wow great job, you made the candy disappear!”
Step No. 1
Step No. 2
Step No. 3
Step No. 4
Step No. 5
Step No. 6
Step No. 7

How It Works: As you reach for the first strand of floss hanging, secretly let the lifesaver slide down the floss and conceal it with the hand pulling the floss to the assistant. This move will allow you to slide the candy off and conceal it in your hand; the magic is done.

TIPS: I recommend a colored Lifesaver so that it shows up well against the floss.

Dental XRay Routine

To finish off your magical lesson in tooth care, Clown antics sells some awesome Clown Dental X-rays. Using these you can show kids how not caring for their teeth can lead to unwanted dental work. Show the x-rays of “ a bridge” or “a crown. My favorite is the x-ray of the “Eye teeth, very funny. So remember brush regular and floss to keep that pretty clown smile beaming. 

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