Diamond FX Promo! 10% OFF!


Great news for our fellow clowns and face painters out there! Your favorite face paint brand, Diamond FX, is on sale for this month! Save 10% on your Diamond FX order when you use the code above!

Aside from their amazing face paints, there are new products from Diamond FX that you should try out! Check them out below!

Polyester Glitter

These high quality, 100% cosmetic grade polyester glitter from Diamond FX are perfect to add glittery effects to your face paint designs. Each 5gm container only costs $4.50! Below are some of the colors available!

f1497006 f1497013 f1497021 f1497022

Gemstone Glitter 

Diamond FX Gemstone Glitter Powders are a special makeup formulation by Diamond FX, that can be used to add shining effects on your face paint designs. These can be applied with a brush or sponge, either directly as dry, or can be applied wet with a slightly moist brush. Below are some of the colors available!

f1497101 f1497108 f1497110 f1497111


Diamond FX Brushes are good quality, reliable brushes that are great for a range of face painting applications. With a wide range of brushes, you are sure that you have the right brush for each unique design you are making. Below are some of the brushes available!


These are just some of the new products we have in store for you from Diamond FX! Make sure you use the coupon code “diamonds” to get 10% off on your Diamond FX order!

Happy face painting!

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