Video: Different Types of Puppets for the Ventriloquist by April Brucker

Learn the basics of ventriloquism from the master ventriloquist, April Brucker, as she talks about the different types of puppets you can use as a ventriloquist.

I'm here today to talk to you about the basics of ventriloquism. I have performed ventriloquism for a variety of venues in New York city, Los Angeles, and even on the Las Vegas strip. You may have seen me on Last Comic Standing, My Strange Addiction, the Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, What Would You Do?, MTV Europe, Telemundo, and BBC. I'm coming to you today direct with

We are going to talk about the different types of puppets that you could have as a ventriloquist. The first is a hand puppet. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Willliam Sheepspear. Another puppet we have, is a full body puppet. This is more of a muppet style and this is easier to operate. The last kind of puppet, and this one is super expensive, but it's sort of an old school, like a Jerry Mahoney, it's known as a Juro Doll. It's carved out of wood and they're usually at least $5,000 a piece. But yes, those are the different kids of puppets.

So, when assembling your act, ask yourself which kinds of puppets are right for you. What kind of puppets are you willing to care for? What kind of puppets are you willing to transport? Because each puppet has their risk. Some of William's risks include, but are not limited to, brushing his fur, and keeping them away from bed bugs and other things. The full body puppet needs to have its strings attached and also has to have new outfits. The wooden puppets break sometimes, and that's why I don't have them myself. The springs come loose from their mouths and sometimes you have to mail them back to the puppet maker.

So those are the different types of puppets. I hope I was helpful for you today!

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