Milk to White Silk!

When the children were banging on the table asking for "Magic!", I was a little nervous. My bag of tricks is pretty limited, especially when I am traveling. I knew I would not be able to do the disappearing water trick in which I place three cups on a table and have them point to the cup where the water is. That trick won't exactly work when the kids are surrounding the table and can look directly into the cups!

I knew it was time to bring out the big guns. I would go beyond making water disappear; I would make milk disappear! Even better than that, I would turn the milk into a white silk!

The pictures I have today are not from the actual day of the clown show. You might have guessed that by the Christmas tablecloth. I haven't gotten good pictures of this particular routine, so I just took pictures of the necessary props.

This trick was a life-saver. Since most of the children were sitting, they wouldn't be able to see inside the cup. I made my own cup for this trick. I hot glued a small plastic bottle into the cup.

To prepare, make sure your milk is not cold. If the milk is cold, it will take a really long time for the Slush Powder to work!

Put the white silk square (or whatever you have) in the small vial. Then put enough powder in the bottom of the cup. I tend to use more slush powder for this trick because the cup is bigger than the styrofoam cups I use for the other tricks. 

Have your room temperature (or warm) milk handy, and you are ready for the show!

Say whatever you like while you perform the trick. When you pour the milk, be careful to pour it into the cup, not onto the silk inside the smaller vessel. You can use a magic wand, or pretend to stir the milk with your finger. Then pull the white silk out of the cup and listen to the gasps and applause!

I know this is a very basic trick, but I hope someone out there can use what I have shared today.

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Hi Carol, Slush Powder is a white powder which causes liquids to thicken and become a solid substance. You can find it in the Clown Antics store, along with a nice book about how to use it in several ways for your audience.


Sorry, but what is “slush powder?”


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