Disappearing Water Tricks

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Chahloula is not a magician; she is a clown. Come to think of it, Mimi wasn't a magician either. One thing they have in common (besides wearing the same underwear) is that they can make water disappear! The finale of my shows recently has been performing disappearing water magic tricks; not just once, but a few different ways.

I have been using Slush Powder for years, getting better along the way by improving the routines. I like the connection these tricks create between me and the audience. They watch what I am doing closely...

 You can find Slush Powder here...https://www.clownantics.com/products/slush-powder-magic-trick

The simple tricks I do are from a book available from Clown antics. https://www.clownantics.com/products/slush-magic-tricks-with-slush-powder    

I do a trick in which I have three cups on a table. (Now I have a card in front of each so the audience can call out number one, two, or three.) I pour water into one of the cups and the audience lets me know where it is. I pour the water into a different cup; the audience finds it again. After a couple times, I pour the water into the cup that has the magic powder in the bottom. When the audience guesses where it is, they are not only wrong, but there is no water in any of the cups! I demonstrate that by pouring water from each cup, but there is none.

Another trick I do using Slush Powder is poking a hole in a styrofoam cup. I make this funnier by trying to get away with poking the hole at the very top of the cup; the audience knows the water isn't that high.

I do this with a cup half full of water, and the water pours out the holes. Chahloula tries to catch the water and put it back in the cup, or drink the water as it is flowing out. (One time Mimi hid it behind her back, but the water coming out looked like she was peeing!)

I also have fun by pretending to poke the pencil through the cup. The audience catches me and laughs!

After making a mess, I ask if I can try the trick again. I get a cup with slush powder in it and when it comes time to remove the pencil, I move close to the audience...

I know who was paying attention according to their expectation of water raining down on them!

I am working on another trick that I adapted from the Slush Powder book, but I'll save that one for another time.


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