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If I am going to share my stories with you, I have to start at the very beginning. Don’t worry! This won’t take long.

I started clowning in 2006. Unlike some people, I am not a ‘natural’ clown, so it was difficult for me to say yes to putting on a costume and getting up in front of people. As soon as I learned that there was such a thing as ‘Christian Clowning’ I was in. I bought all the necessary makeup, clothes, and even attended a few weekend clown schools. I had bought all this stuff, but I wouldn’t put the makeup on. I was afraid it would irritate my skin. I thought I would look stupid or silly. I was afraid of doing it wrong. I was struggling with so much fear that I kept putting off putting the makeup on.

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I remember very clearly having a dream one night that I was in a classroom with other people. My clown makeup was on a counter, but when I looked again, it was gone. In the dream, someone had stolen my makeup and brushes. When I woke up, I knew what the dream meant: if I didn’t get over the fear, I was going to lose the gift! Yes, being able to clown is an incredible gift and I almost let fear rob me of amazing experiences. That day I went in the bathroom and put the makeup on for the first time! Hallelujah! My skin was fine and I didn’t look stupid; I looked, and felt, like a CLOWN!

Within a year, I went from clowning at a few birthday parties and performing skits at church, to being invited to go on a trip to Morocco which included clowning at a handicapped center and a village school. That 10 day trip to the Muslim world is the reason that I have been living in Tunisia, North Africa for the past 6 years.

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Be encouraged! Clowning is a gift! If you are considering clowning, or doing anything outside of your comfort zone, do it! Don’t let fear deprive you of opportunities to be a gift to the world. You will be blessed!

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Thanks I needed that. I am in a similar situation with ventriloquism. Will Iget it right? Does my voice sound silly? Is the ‘figure’ moving properly? etc., etc.

Mike Rogers

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