Easter candy magic

Easter candy surprise:


If you have any shows booked around Easter or perhaps you want to give the kids in your Church’s Sunday school a special treat; here is a fun magic trick you can do for them with a sweet finish. This will make a great finale for your holiday magic show, as you will be producing a treat for the kids, an excellent way to send them off smiling.

*This routine will use a Dove pan, this is a very versatile prop and simple to use, so don’t worry if you have no previous magic skills.

Other ingredients:

*Granulated Sugar, either in packets or a small container.

*Tinfoil cut into small pieces, roughly 1” by 2” rectangles.

*Colored confetti, you may wish to keep this in a zip lock bag.

*Foil wrapped chocolate Easter candy.

Loading the pan:

Step 1. Before the show, fill the load pan with the chocolate Easter egg candy or any individually wrapped candies you choose.

Loading the pan.

Loading the pan.


Step 2. Lock the load pan into the dove pan lid and set aside.

Step 3. Remember not to place the loaded lid into the empty pan bottom, as it will release the load from the lid before your show.

Set up:

* Place the loaded lid and empty pan along with the tinfoil, sugar and confetti on your magic table.

* You are ready to perform your routine.

The routine:

Tell your audience that you want to send them off with a treat for being such an awesome group, but first you have to make it for them.

*Show the pan is empty; add in your sugar, tinfoil and colored confetti.

Adding ingredients.

Adding ingredients.

Now ask the kids if this looks like a tasty treat, you will probably get a big EEEEEW! Have them help you make the surprise by thinking of some sweet treats and saying the magic words “Peter Cottontail!”

*You now cover the pan with the lid, which will automatically release the load pan.

Cover the ingredients.

Cover the ingredients.


*Lift the lid to reveal the candy and pass it out to your guests.

Reveal the magic.

Reveal the magic.

*If you have a smaller production pan you may need to have extra candies to hand out depending on your audience size.

As far as magic tricks go you can’t get much easier than this. Enjoy the magic and Happy Easter!

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