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Do you remember the 80’s hit by Madonna “Express yourself”? Many of us of a certain age remember dancing to the this song when it came on the radio. As a teenager in the 80’s, like any teenager of any era we wanted to express our individuality or  love of a style of music, fashion, what have you. One thing that I remember is how we would where buttons with different sayings on them or a picture of our favorite band. Our denim jackets would be covered with all sorts of buttons. So what does this have to do with clowning you ask? Among the many ways a clown can express themselves is with a clown pin or button.



Clown Badges:

In additions to a badge that has your clown name, there are variety of clown pins or badges that we can where on our wardrobe to show off a bit of clown humor. Sayings like IYQ get people intrigued and they approach you to ask “what does that mean?” These badges can be an easy ice breaker to get the entertainment going. We have a nice selection of these clown badges on our website if you would like to wear one too.

Tippy badge Cropped

Pieces of flare:

In addition to the traditional clown badges, some clowns include their own personal bits of flare on their garments. Tip wears a “Panic Button” pin which looks like a little button one could push in case of emergency. He also has an American flag pin with a red, white and blue ribbon. He sometimes adds other things like a Kermit the frog pin because he likes that Muppet character. Rustopher has two unusual bits of flare; one badge that reads “I am not weird I’m gifted” and the other “Thanks for not picking your nose.” The latter of these buttons most parents really get a chuckle from.

The amount of badges or buttons really is up to the individual, some people where 37 pieces of flare to express themselves. You may choose not to have any extras on your clothing and that is okay too. I have seen clowns who add a bit of personality with items of necessity such as glasses. Some clowns will find a pair of frames that go with their look or even customize a pair of glasses to look more clown like. I have a friend who uses a cane to get around and she has a fancy clown cane for doing shows.

Even little details can add that extra something to your character making it special to you. Have fun dressing up your look and happy clowning.

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