Face Paint Design Contest Winner - Laurel Tisserand

We had our very first Face Paint Design Contest in ClownAntics and it was a BLAST! We received various kinds of designs and really had a great time looking at them. 

We had fun seeing all these wonderful designs but one entry caught our judge's eye. 

Freehand Tiger

Laurel's tiger design is really well-made. The lines are crisp, the colors are well blended. Ultimately, the design is well-executed.

According to Laurel, "Most of my designs are inspired either by movies or by nature. I went to film school and I'm a huge movie buff so I love painting characters or iconic images from movies and cartoons. I also live in one of the most beautiful cities; I've got stunning ocean cliffs on one side, and redwood forests on the other so I take a lot of inspiration from my surroundings."

About the Artist

Laurel Tisserand is a 23-year old professional face painter and henna artist from Santa Cruz, California. She works for Smiley Orca Face Painting and Natural Henna for 5 years.

"They taught me everything I know. I would never have found my passion for face painting if it weren't for Lisa Smiley and the rest of the Smiley Family. Please come visit out booths on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk."

She has an Instagram page where you can find her amazing works. https://www.instagram.com/adventurelaurel/

Here are some of her work : 

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