Face Painting Tips for the Summer Heat

Hot ThermometerSummer time fun means cooks outs, festivals and out door celebrations everywhere, along with calls for face painting for all the happy sun dwellers. Although it is great to be in the warm weather working, as the temperatures start to climb and the humidity rises we encounter a few issues when face painting; here are a few tips to beat the heat.

First off, as the artist you yourself need to stay cool and hydrated - have plenty of cool drinking water in a cooler to keep you moving. Ask your host or the event organizer if you can have a spot in the shade to help keep from overheating and having your paints melt. There are a variety of small canopies that are rather affordable and not only keep the sun off but the rain as well. If you are doing much out door work at all, trust me - it’s worth the investment.

Now on to your face paints. If you haven’t experienced this already, working in high heat and humidity will quickly turn your face paints into a pool of colored liquid. Now I’m not talking the mid 80’s but as we reach nineties with a 100% humidity, that’s when you have real trouble. So what to do?
  1. Again, keeping yourself and your paints in the shade keeps the paints in their solid state longer.
  2. Keep paper towels on hand to occasionally dab the moisture off of the paint cups.
  3. Regulate how much water you are using, if the paints already are moist from the humid air, don’t use as much water on your brush.
  4. Having a large cooler on hand not only is for keeping your drinking water cool, but also put the pants inside while you are not using them. Now I don’t mean in between each client but while taking a break, or if the paints get too soupy you may have to put them on ice for a bit and take a break.
  5. I have found using templates can be a nice way to go, they are easy to use and can be quickly enhanced with a couple of details with a brush. Make sure you discuss the option of using templates with your client; if they have hired you for your hand painting skills they may not like this option.
  6. Keep the line moving. This is not the time to do the 15-minute princess face with rhinestones and glitter. Remember, the only thing worse than a kid being fussy and worn out from the heat, is the parent of the kid who is all fussy and worn out from the heat.
  7. Keep things light and simple so everyone gets to enjoy your talent and the many other things going on round you t the event.
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