Fall Balloon Wreath


The Halloween parties are over and we haven’t quite geared up for Christmas, so let’s try something fun for fall.

Twisting a balloon wreath is pretty simple even if you can’t braid hair, let’s grab our supplies and get started.


3: 260 twisting balloons, red, orange and tan for the wreath. You may choose other colors if you wish.

1: 260 twisting balloon for the berries. Your choice on color as long as it is different than the wreath.

Balloon pump if you need.

The Wreath


Step 1. Fully inflate each of the the balloons for the wreath; release a small amount of air to soften the balloons and tie.


Step 2. Make a small bubble at the knot end of each balloon. A 1/2 bubble will work well.


Step 3. Lock twist the three bubbles of the wreath balloons.


Step 4. Braid the balloons together by simply weaving one balloon over the other until you have a small section of each balloon at the opposite end.


Step 5. You should end up with three ends approximately the same size.


Step 6. Lock twist these bubbles together and you have one long braid.


Step 7. Lock twist both ends of the wreath together to join in a circle.


Step 8. The braided balloons may not be a perfect circle so you may have to shape them into a better circle.

The Berries

I liked the idea of having berries at the bottom of the wreath; we see many colorful berries in the fall as well as spring.


Step 1. Inflate the balloon for the about 5 inches, release a small amount of air to soften the balloon and tie.


Step 2. Starting at the nozzle end make a series of bubbles about 1/2 inch. 10 is a good number.


Step 3. Lock twist the last of the small bubbles with the remaining end of the balloon.


Step 4. Puncture a small hole in the tail of the balloon and release air to get rid of last large bubble. Tie this piece into a knot and snip off remainder.

Step 5. Lock twist groups of two or three bubbles to create the berry cluster.


Step  6. twist the nozzle of the first balloon into the bottom of your wreath to secure the berry cluster.


Step 6. Adjust them to your satisfaction and your fall balloon wreath is complete.

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