Familiar Faces in Mahdia, with a Video!

Mimi the Clown traveled to the coastal town of Mahdia, Tunisia last year in May to clown at a school for the deaf. I was excited to go back and see those familiar faces this May. The teachers and students were happy to see me, and everyone was delighted to meet Chahloula. 

(The girls in that picture were blowing me kisses! They were from a nearby day care center.)

Most of the routines were the same, but the show was a success. I consider an event successful when everyone is laughing and smiling. Okay, so not everyone was laughing all the time, but it was fun and they appreciated us coming back to spend time with them.


The party was to celebrate Mother's Day. One of the teachers kept trying to clown with me. I worked hard to go with the flow and not be bothered. As long as the audience was laughing, Chahloula was happy. When the audience couldn't see what Chahloula was doing, then I struggled. (Have you been there, and done that?)

The kids got to see the new "Wrap it Up" skit with the balloon in the box and the tape. This was the first audience to show a reaction to me bringing a whole balloon out of the box! I unwrapped it almost immediately, and I showed the empty box beforehand. I also had to pick up the pieces of the busted balloon and put them in the box. Some people were genuinely surprised that I inflated the balloon! Yay!

My husband, as usual, took some wonderful pictures. Not only is he a talented artist, he is a gifted photographer as well.

Hector even got a nice video of Chahloula juggling scarves. 

 That little boy was in the way constantly because nobody controlled him, but at that moment he came in handy! 

I loved seeing those familiar faces. And I have no doubt that they truly loved seeing us, too. Their gratitude was expressed through letters of appreciation, gifts, lunch, and cake. 

We will see them again.

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