Video: Fire-Breathing Dragon Balloon Art by Balloon Josh

Watch out! There's a dragon on the loose!

Today, Balloon Josh shares with you how he makes a ferocious dragon!

How to Make a Fire Breathing Dragon Balloon

For this fire breathing dragon, you'll need three balloons, with roughly 4 inches of uninflated ends. You'll also need one 160 inflated balloon, pretty much all the way, and a red and a yellow that we're not going to inflate at all.

First, I'm going to start out with an inch and a half twist, followed by a half inch bubble, and turn that into a pinch twist. Do a two inch bubble followed by a half inch bubble, which we turn into a pinch twist. And then one more time, a two inch bubble, followed by a half inch bubble, turning that into a pinch twist.

If you've watched my other videos, you'll notice that I start my designs the same way, when I have a bubble followed by a half inch bubble and pinch twist. The reason I do that, is because I like to use the same design as a core, and then go off of that, which allows me to make really impressive things, really quickly at events where I'm pressed for time.

So again, same thing as the other leg - identical. You attach these two together at the butt cheek, where you hold it with one hand, and with the other hand you'll rotate the butt cheeks, one full rotation counter clockwise, and then we want to go up about a hand's width, twist these together, and feed one through, so it doesn't come undone.

Again, I use this base design for a lot of different things, and I just modify it as need be. I'm going to take one of these ends, go down, pull it through the legs out the back, wedge it in between the butt cheeks (this is going to be the tail), and wrap it around my hand a couple of times, giving it a little pressure squeeze so it'll hold that curl. With this one, do a two inch bubble, half inch bubble, pinch twist, and again, two inch bubble, half inch bubble, turn that into a pinch twist, then I'm going to roll this to create a split twist, and then pop off the excess.

Then for the face, we're going to create two pinch twists. So we create the bubble, wrap the knot around, and then another half inch bubble. So you're creating two pinch twists - that's going to be the muzzle for the dragon. We're going to do two more pinch twists, and these are going to be his ears or his eyes, however you decide to look at it.

Then you go about an inch and a half down, followed by a half inch bubble, another pinch twist, and this is going to be the neck for your dragon. You wrap that around the other arm, and then you're going to create one more arm: a two inch bubble, with a half inch bubble, a pinch twist, and again a two inch bubble, half inch bubble, and a pinch twist. Then we're going to roll this to create a split twist, and we're going to break off the excess.

Now if we wanted to, we could leave it like this with the pinch twists in the back of the neck, and it would be just a simple T-Rex. But for a dragon, we're going to take the 160, tie the two ends together to create a giant loop, snap it in the middle, twist there, put the two together, and we have our two wings. We're going to attach that on the front, but then we're going to twist it around at the back. So the pinch twist that was just at the back of the neck, is now on the front, and the wings are actually pushing the head forward, while the pinch twist is keeping the head upright.

Now we're just going to do a litle pressure squeeze at the bottom of the wings so they don't just look like giant loops, because that would make him look more like a fairy or a bug. Now here's our dragon, but we want a fire breathing dragon!

So we take our two yellow and red uninflated balloons, find the middle point, and I'm going to use my yarn cutter, and just cut them in half. You can use scraps for this, you can use 260s, but I find that they don't stay in as well as the 160s do. You just put them in the mouth and the pressure of the two pinch strips in the front just hold them in place.

It looks really cool that you have this fire coming out! I've seen people who use inflated balloons for the fire, but it takes up so much space. Now you're just going to draw the nostrils and the eyes, and you have your very own fire breathing dragon balloon ready to attack!

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