First Night Walk Around


A “First Night”  celebration welcomes in the new year by celebrating art, music, and entertainment of all types. First Night events have always hired clowns, magicians, puppeteers, and variety acts of all shapes and sizes. In smaller cities the whole event may be held  in a school. Areas such as the auditorium, cafeteria, and gymnasium would be utilized. In larger cities the events are spread throughout town in schools, businesses, civic organizations, and houses of worship. Many events conclude with fireworks.

The first “First Night”  started in Boston in the 1970s and spread to many other cities. Due to budget constraints, not as many cities are holding first night celebrations as they did in the 1980s and 1990s,  but there are still quite a few throughout the country. Some cities hold similar celebrations, which are called by other names, but they have always been a wonderful family friendly alternative for New Year’s Eve . If you are involved with your community it is something you might suggest for the coming year.

I have worked many first night events. I would like to teach you a walk around trick  that I have used. You will need a quarter and an 11 inch clear  balloon.image

To start the trick you begin with a deflated balloon and a quarter or similar coin


The quarter is placed in the balloon. The balloon is blown up with the coin inside.


You can tie the balloon or clip it at the nozzle between  your first and second finger, if you wish to deflate the balloon and place it back in your pocket at the end of the routine.


Hold on to the ends and start rotating the balloon either forward or backwards. As you build up speed you will see the coin  rotating on its edge in the middle of the balloon at a rapid speed.  Stop rotating the balloon and the coin will continue to travel. Your audience can also attempt this trick. In some instances I have held races between two or three people to see who can keep it revolving the longest. A  nominal prize such as a fortune telling fish or sticker is given to the winner.




I hope you enjoyed this walk around trick. Until the next time. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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