First Place Winner of our Funniest Story Essay Contest

Congratulations to SonBeam The Clown!

She won a $100.00 certificate to What a well deserved winner she is. SonBeam has been a theraputic clown for many years.She volunteers her time at hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living etc….  What inspired Sonbeam the most was that this gentlemen used to be a clown, which made the story especially funny. If you haven’t had a chance to read her essay here is the essay… SonBeam volunteers all of her clown time, so she generally pays for all of her supplies out of her own pocket. This was a great win for her.



“One day I was making rounds in the hospital and entered a room where an elderly gentleman lying quietly in his bed who was being visited by his granddaughter. I asked if I could enter and was admitted. This man had several IV lines (I guess that was what they were) and was not moving around freely. I introduced myself and had a brief conversation with him. I asked if he were on a “special diet” and he said he couldn’t eat any solids. I took out a Brown E from one of my pockets and smiled and told him that I had a “brownie”. This man who looked so fragile jumped up and GRABBED the brown “E”out of my hand (and I was at a distance away too!!). I said, no, no – not for you to eat! He got it in his mouth so fast. His granddaughter was laughing so hard!! It seemed that this old guy was a trickster and a retired clown who was giving me a run for my money!! Once a clown, always a clown! submitted by Deanna Austin aka/Sonbeam the Clown”


“Thank you Clown Antics for giving me the opportunity to submit my “Clown Essay on a Funny Thing That Happened to this Clown.” I would also like to say thank you to all the folks that choose to vote for me!
I am a therapeutic clown and have been since 2001.  I have entered hundreds of hospital doors and presently am involved in visiting eight Assisted Living/and also Alzheimer Homes on a monthly basis as a volunteer.
Winning the Clown Antics Essay Contest will enable me to receive some much needed clown supplies!”
Keep Smiling!!
SonBeam the Clown

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