Fun with Stickers for Professional Clowns

Stickers seem to be an item that is greatly overlooked by many clowns and children’s entertainers as a useful part of their repertoire. Balloon animals are great of course, and highly sought after by the kids, but as we all know their lifespan is often far to short. Stickers on the other hand are not subject to the all to familiar pop, followed by tears and pleading parents wanting just one more balloon for their little one. There are many fun phrases and pictures to be found on stickers.
  • Write In Stickers: You can purchase stickers that allow you to write in your name: "I met _____the clown today". This is a wonderful PR tool; the kids become walking billboards for you!

  • Using Clown Stickers for Magic: I keep a roll or two of stickers in my magic case, which I hand out to the kids who came up to assist me; the clown nose sticker is great for this.

  • Clown Stickers as Ice Breakers: When clowning, a sticker that says "I met a Clown Today" may be just the icebreaker needed for the little one who is not to sure about meeting a clown.


General Tips

Have fun with the kids when handing out stickers, ask them to tell a joke, sing a song or maybe even show off some dance moves before they get a sticker. A “First of May” who doesn’t quite have the confidence to perform can mingle with the crowd passing out stickers to get their feet wet. Parades are also ideal for handing out stickers, they are quick, easy and you can carry plenty without weighing you down.

There really is no bad time to hand out a sticker, so what are you waiting for? Get on the Clown Antics store page and get stuck on stickers!
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Good Idea. I will search for “I Helped a Magician” ??

Mike Rogers

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