Funky Fairy Eye Design Tutorial


When I think of a traditional fairy design, I think pastels and florals, but this design is brilliant and bold with Global colors and snazzy BAM textures in copper metallics over the top, as well as a glittering bling tiara in the center.


Global split of purple, magenta, orange, and yellow
Black face paint
• White face paint
Metallic copper face paint
Gold glitter gel
Cosmetic grade glitter
Gem cluster or tiara
BAM2008 stencil Prismatic
Dot stencil
Sponge or dauber
Paradise black
#3 round brush
Skin safe adhesive


Sponge Global purple, magenta, orange, and yellow from the eyelid back over the temple, keeping the dark purple in the center and going lighter both above and below. Place several drops of a skin safe adhesive on the back of your gem cluster or tiara so it can dry and become tacky while you’re working on your design.

For each eye, hold the Prismatic BAM2008 stencil in place while sponging metallic copper over the top, and use a poofer to add magenta or pink glitter while it’s still damp.

Use the dot stencil, a dauber or sponge, and Paradise black to add dots over the outer half of each eyelid.

Place the gem cluster/tiara, on which the adhesive should have become tacky by now, in the center of the forehead and press it gently into place.

Add black dots to extend the tiara to the edge of the hairline. Add teardrops to add visual interest above and below the gem cluster.

At the corners of the eyes, add swirls and teardrops as well.

Outline the swirls and dots with gold glitter gel.


Add white dots and starbursts to complete your funky (and glittery) fairy.


Beth MacKinney is the owner of and primary face painter for Face Paint Pizzazz in Elgin, Illinois, and her artwork has appeared in The Colored Palette and SkinMarkz magazines. She services Elgin, Illinois, the NW Chicago suburbs, and northern Chicago, as well as the eastern suburbs of Rockford. Stop by to check out her other face painting blog posts and tutorials.

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