Gags and giggles/Soomi cartoon.


Soomi is cooking up some fun!

Goofy gags and silly pranks are all in a days work for a clown. We have a basket full of buffoonery to help clowns win over a crowd and have them snickering with delight over some crazy prop.


A clown pulling a good prank on an audience is part of the show, just make sure you have participants that are good sports. The classic “snake in a can” is always a safe bet; it is harmless fun that gets a nice laugh. If you really want to get the crowd laughing, turn the gag on yourself. Struggle opening the lid to the snack can, then give up and have a child open it for you. When the snakes pop out, you jump and scream, if you have an audience full of kids there is nothing better than seeing the clown jump and scream.


Many people will expect to see a clown with a squirting flower but a squirting bow tie may just catch them off guard. One clown I met actually was so clever as to put a fake looking flower on their lapel that did not squirt but people thought by the look of it, the flower was a gag. When the clown was working, people of course asked “does your flower squirt?” the clown honestly answered no. As they were still trying to figure out the flower, he gave them a squirt with his tie, it was hilarious because most people could not figure out where the water was coming from as it was on a different angle than the flower. Some people came in for more than one look at this mystery and would get a squirt of water again. This was a very clever way to use a decoy prop to get them with the real gag prop.


Not all gags have to jump out or squirt your audience to get a good reaction. Sight gags are great too. Telling the audience you need a hand with the next bit, then pulling out the fake arm prop is a classic, or tell them you want to kick the show off to a good start and pull out the foot prop. These props also get used as an every day gag, close the arm or foot prop in the trunk or tailgate of your vehicle so it is dangling out, you’re sure to get a few strange looks from other motorists.


The foam letter gags like we see in the Soomi cartoon are great for a walk around performer. Ask a spectator if they would like a Brown E….they of course think of the delicious treat, when the say yes, pull out your foam Brown letter E. The same works for the Free B, everyone loves a freebie but they are surprised when it is actually the letter B. These foam letters come in large quantity so you really can give them away if you wish.


This is just the tip of the iceberg of the gags and props you can use to start your clown show off with a BANG! Check out the Clown Antics website for even more fun!

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