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We don’t have any new developments in the ability to live on the moon, nor do we have any inside information on the mystery of Donald Trumps hair; we do however have news on one of our product lines Global face paints.


The single color cakes are a large 32 gram container of full rich pigment and can deliver over 100 applications. We find that blending colors is easily accomplished with Global paints and they offer a full variety of colors including pearl cakes for that smooth shimmer in your art. The standard cakes are very creamy and typically activate with just a small amount of water.


If you find yourself in the position of needing to speed up your face painting line, using the liquid paints to apply base colors could be the answer to a faster production line. Liquid colors can be applied with a brush directly from the container or with a sponge from a flat palette. Liquid paints are a bit more resistant to water than the standard cakes and can also be a great way to add detail work to flowers and intricate designs.



Add a little extra WOW to your art with metallic standard cakes, we currently have gold and silver in stock. These can be great for any type of machined creation like a robot or cyborg, maybe even an accent for that super hero mask you’ve been painting at all the parties.

If you have never tried Global paints we have a little incentive, right now we are running a 10% discount on Global paints. Use code global10 when you place the order to receive your discount.

Coming soon a review by Elizabeth Mackinney on Global’s expanded glitter paint line.

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