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Item N50402 - Free Bs
Who doesn’t enjoy a freebie? And in this case not just one of our clever Foam Alphabet Props like the Free B. Having handouts for your show is always a welcome treat and sometimes can be a deciding factor for your client to book you for the show instead of some other clown. I like using give away items if I have been asked to include games in my show.

There are so many wonderful little items we carry at Clown Antics that can be used as a prize or handout, it is hard to decide which ones to choose. Well let me just give you a couple of my favorites.

Foam Clown Noses are of course an awesome idea and you can give them to children of all ages. They are very light and can be carried around easily for a quick hand out on the street during a parade or at a party. This is a perfect opportunity to now have a picture taken with the recipient of the clown nose.

Now if you use a Spring Snake at all in your show, it is so cool to have the little Jointed Snake Toys to hand out later after the show. Tell the kids these are your snakes little buddies and they want to go home with them. They also keep the kids busy while you pack up your gear and head out the door.

For you storytelling clowns; while reading the ever-popular Rainbow Fish story, a fantastic story of sharing, you must share your little Fish Pop-Up Toys with the children. Trust me, they will not soon forget the clown who read them this wonderful book and gave them all a fish of their own to keep.

If it’s more of a magical hand out you are searching for, try the Fortune Telling Fish. This fun little prop can be used to reveal mysterious secrets and is easy to learn. A nice handout for a magic clown and the big kids love them too. 

Now it’s not always practical to do handouts, but in the right venue, such as a small birthday party, give a ways are the perfect idea.  Be creative in your methods of delivering your freebies and you will definitely be the hit of the party.
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