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Soon the temperature will cool down, the leaves will start to change color and the cider mills and apple orchards will be open for business. If you are a clever clown you will be out early to drum up some business for fall festivals and Halloween parties, so what better time than now to learn a couple of cool Halloween balloons.

The Jack O' Lantern Balloon:

This is a very simple balloon to make using one balloon, an Orange 321Q (or Bee Body Balloon), and the apple twist.

  • I like to tell the kids I will make the face that looks just like them, drawing freckles or some little resemblance of the child, then proudly display the pumpkin stating it looks just like them.
  • Sometimes the pumpkins like to tip over when you set them down, simply rub the bottom on your sleeve to create a little static charge and it will stick securely to a flat surface.
  • In spring or for back-to-school, use a Red Bee Body Balloon and draw a smiley face for a cute "apple" for the teacher!

Step 1: Partially inflate an orange Bee Body balloon Step 1: Partially inflate the balloon to about the size of small apple and tie it off.
Step 2a: Apple Twist - push the knot through the balloon to the tip Step 2a: Now for the apple twist. Push the knot up through the balloon with your index finger, with the thumb and index finger of the opposite hand; grip the knot through the balloon on the nozzle end.
Step 2b: Grab the knot through the balloon tip and twist it
Step 2b: Once you have gripped the knot, simply pull your finger out of the balloon and twist the knot into the stem several times and let go, 
Step 2: Completed Apple Twist Your completed Apple Twist balloon should look like this.
Step 3: Draw on a Jack O Lantern Face Step 3: With a black magic marker draw your pumpkin face; you now have a fun little jack o' lantern. Be creative and try different facial details.

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