Halloween Balloon Creations - Balloon Spider

Soon the temperature will cool down, the leaves will start to change color and the cider mills and apple orchards will be open for business. If you are a clever clown you will be out early to drum up some business for fall festivals and Halloween parties, so what better time than now to learn a couple of cool Halloween balloons.

The spider:
We will use four 160Q’s Balloons for the legs and one 5” Round Balloon for the body of the spider.  I chose two red and two orange 160’s for the legs to add some fun fall colors.
The Spaghetti Blaster Pocket Pump (L1229) works best for inflating the 160Q.

Note: You can use 260Q Balloons for the legs if you wish; I think 160’s give it more of a spidery look. If you prefer, make all four legs the same color.

Happy Haunting!

Step 1 - Inflate 4 160Q Balloons Step 1: Fully inflate the first 160, and then release a small amount of air before tying the knot; this will soften the balloon allowing easier twisting. Repeat this four all for 160’s.
Step 2: Twist all four 160s together Step 2: Line up the four leg balloons evenly, find the middle and twist all four balloons together.

Step 3: Inflate 5 Inch Round and make 1 in bubble
Step 3: Inflate your 5 Inch Round almost full and then release some air, leaving it about ¾ inflated and then tie the knot. This is again to soften the balloon for easier twisting.
Step 4: Make a 1 inch bubble and twist into 2 bubbles Step 4: Make a small bubble at the knot end about 1” in diameter, split that bubble by making two pinch twist bubbles. Your balloon should now have two small bubbles side by side at the knot end.
Step 5: Make another 2 in bubble Step 5: Make another bubble about 2” diameter behind the two small bubbles. Your balloon should look like this.
Step 6: Connect Leg Balloons to the Body Balloon Step 6: Connect the four leg balloons simply by twisting them into the joint between your 2” bubble and the large bubble of the body balloon.
Step 7: Pinch twist the legs to add a joint Step 7: Find the half waypoint of each leg and make a pinch twist; this is the joint for the spider’s leg. The joint allows you to position the spider’s legs for cool action poses.
Step 8: Draw a face Step 8: With a black permanent marker, draw eyes on the small bubbles to complete your awesome spider.
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