Halloween Face Paint Contest Winner - Christina Ranburger

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Clowns have a lot of skills and talents that they use in their clown shows and skits. In the recent years, face painting has become one of the fun skills clowns learn to make kids even happier in their events. 

Back in October, we did a Halloween face painting contest to showcase their skills in this field and, oh boy, we were in for a treat that month! 

In this article, we will know more about our contest winner - Christina Ranburger.

Christina Ranburger is a face painter and her main goal is sharing art and happiness of painting with others. She has been face painting for six years now. She does not personally clown as much as she wants to but she shares happiness with others with her art. 

Here are some of her other works. 


Here are the entries we got in our Halloween Face Painting Contest.


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