Halloween Hits

Fiendish fun

Fiendish fun

Can you believe that summer is almost gone!?!  After Memorial Day all the kids should be back to school and fall will be on us before long. With the fall comes fall festivals and of course Halloween and now is the time to get yourself ready for the season or you might be left in the dark.

If you are a balloon twister of face painter you know how fun it is to jazz up your look with seasonal colors and flare, let’s look at a few ways to get in the spirit without scaring the paints off of everyone.


A cute pumpkin patch hat is perfect for guys and gals, it is definitely a fall themed look and you will be easy to spot in a crowd. If you feel a little daring, spray in hair color is a fun way to get into the mood and will again bring some attention your way so people can make their way to your line.


Speaking of face paints, you can find some really great themed makeup kits to make your next gig a real scream. These face paint kits make it easy to get your customers into the Halloween spirit! Witches, monsters and wild animals are a breeze with the right colors and tools.


For the balloon gigs you might want to grab some of our fun alien balloons or stock up on seasonal balloon colors like orange, black and for some clever Halloween twists and decorations.


You can give your fall look a kick-start with some awesome, colorful socks! With so many colors and styles to choose from, you can’t help but find a pair that works for you. Check out theses orange and black Zebra striped socks, you can’t get much more zany Halloween than that!


We do carry all sorts of weird, creepy and scary Halloween makeup if that is more up your alley; everything from fake blood to false teeth, vampire bites to vomit and pretty much anything in between. We can get you looking real creepy this Halloween season.

If you order now, you can take advantage of our 10% off Halloween supplies discount and have your goodies early to play with before the season is upon us.


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