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Hey gang! Did you know that we carry a huge selection of Halloween makeup and other items right here at Clown Antics? I recently had one of my clown friends (who shops on the Clown Antics site often) ask where she could get Halloween makeup. Surprised she had missed that section and delighted that we had stuff for her, she then suggested I do one of the blogs to let others know about our goodies.

So here it is…….. a blog about Halloween Makeup and stuff:

I suppose some people don’t associate clowning and Halloween supplies but we try and have the bases covered for you. I mean what kid doesn’t want an awesome monster face paint at a fall festival right!?! Well we have a variety of kits themed for this special time of year. We also have fake blood, witch noses and other things that will make you a hit during the spookiest of all holidays.

Themed Face Paint Kits and Supplies:

Snazaroo has always been great for assembling kits specific for particular face paint designs like the boys party palette which includes ideas for faces like a pirate.



Snazaroo also has stencils with designs for the season like witches and bats.



Maybe you are looking for something a bit more scary. We have some terrifically, terrorizing kits like the Wolf man, Witch or Vampire. Kits include everything you need to transform yourself or others into creatures of the night.

f10508 f10509 f10510

  You may want to add a little extra flare to your costume with color hair spray, this is simple to use and washes out easily.



Not scary enough for ya!?!

We can explore the creepy world of makeup even more with tooth effects, fake scars, stage blood and latex appliances. Items like these can help you achieve a level of Halloween awesomeness that will make all your friends run away in terror.

k20101 k20137


Not sure if you can use the advanced effects? Not to worry, Tinsley Transfers make it easy for anyone to look super scary with their line of scars, gashes horns and gross skin effects.

f330406 f331506

So there you have it gang, a whole list of goodies to help you achieve the look you want this Halloween. There is even more on the site in the Halloween makeup section, and don’t be afraid to tell your friends where they can find cool makeup too. Remember “The more the scarier!”


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