Halloween Makeup Questions


Q: I am having a Halloween party and I am considering paint for a male adult and am curious to know if the brown 1 oz bottle of the Mehron face/hair paint will be enough. Also, are there other colors besides Zombie Flesh that you'd recommend for a Zombie?
A: You probably need 2 bottles of the 1 oz size, but you may want to get the 4.5 oz so you have extra. The Zombie Flesh - Product ID: F1217 - is great color to use You could also use Dark Purple around the eyes and Green and fake blood.

We also have a zombie tutorial on our sister website: www.facepaint.com.

Posted on 10/19/12

Q: Can you use cream make ups on bald caps?
A: Yes you can. You need to powder the makeup, as you would on skin, usually, the latex appliance is glued on first, the edges blended, and then makeup applied. A light coating of the castor oil on the bald cap helps the makeup to stick.
Posted on 6/17/12

Q: Do you have to hold bald wigs down with spirit gum?
A: Bald Wigs stay on by themselves, but Bald Caps should be attached with adhesive so they don't slip and need makeup on top of them to look more realistic.
Posted on 4/12/12
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