Handy Tips For Good Clown Makeup Application

    • ESTABLISH a makeup area in your home where you apply your makeup.
    • CAP or CONTAIN your hair with a headband or hair gel to keep it off your face and under your wig.
    • APPLY makeup starting with the lightest color and ending with the darkest color. Darker colors will cover lighter colors and outlining will bring colors together for a crisp, sharp look. Work from top to bottom (eyes to mouth) to avoid smearing lines.
    • UPPER LIP application has white or Auguste base, NEVER red or black (except for "specialty" mouth types such as Betty Boop or heart-kissie mouth). This is because your upper lip isn't involved in smiling, and you'll wind up having a scary "watermelon" mouth.
    • LOWER LIP application is red or black.
    • POWDERING: Always close your eves and exhale when powdering. Fold powder sock together and/or turn it between pats on your face to avoid the transfer of colors.
      PAT - Your makeup to smooth out streaks and even makeup application.
      POWDER - To set makeup and give it a velvet look.
      PRACTICE - To make you LOOK like the clown you FEEL like.
    • TAKE CARE of your makeup.
      Keep out of heat or extreme cold.
      Use a different brush for each color.
      Do not share your makeup to avoid contamination.
      Keep makeup containers closed between applications and during powdering.
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