Hey clown can you make a balloon squirrel?

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Ah yes, those of us who twist balloons are all too familiar with the phrase “hey can you make a…” Having just finished our balloon contest, congratulations Richard Gaines, it seemed the perfect time to talk about balloon twisting at an event. As you know, there are many talented balloon sculptors out there that can probably make anything from balloons at the drop of the hat, while a good majority of balloon twisters have a large selection but do have their limits as to what they know how to twist. For those novice twisters, the selection of balloon creations may be small at first but they will learn more as time allows. Whatever the case, you must convey to the customer what exactly it is you can offer in balloon art.

Crowd control:

*When at a large event it may be necessary to limit the number of balloon animal options so that the line can keep moving at a steady pace, especially if you are the only twister around.

*Having a table in front of you can help form an orderly line and also keep kids from crowding around as you try to twist.  This will give you a place to keep your supplies out of harms way while you work.  A table is very important if you are charging for balloons, so you can keep your cash box more secure.

*A sign that indicates that you are closing soon either for a brake or for the day can be placed at the back of your line of customers. It can be difficult sometimes to close up shop and this can prevent people from standing in line for a while just to have you tell them that you are done twisting.

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What do you make? Obviously you must convey to the customer what exactly you can create for them out of balloons, so here are some thoughts.

*Make a display of the items available. One idea would be to photograph the balloons you will offer, print color images and paste them to a display board now you have something to carry from show to show. I have also seen twisters actually make the balloons they will offer that day and fasten them to their canopy or work area. PVC tubing attached to a stand is a great balloon holder. This is a fun, decorative way to show off your work and will attract people to your booth. If you are twisting at a restaurant, try the balloon menu. This little item has color pictures of some nice popular balloon sculptures that you can show to the guests as you arrive to their table. l1185

*You could tattoo the balloons you make on your body, but that could turn into a whole other type if show.

*Many of us will just verbally recite the list of creations available, which especially is good if the selection is small.

Be prepared: No matter what kind of display you have, or how many times you repeat the list of balloons that you can make, someone will ask for something that is not on the list. This is when you politely respond, “sorry I don’t make a USS Enterprise with working photon weapons.”

If time allows, I like to take the challenge of a balloon that I currently do not make, this is a great way to broaden your horizons. I have fun as I talk with customer asking them questions about how they think this balloon should look making the experience entertaining. Sometimes I have success and other times I succumb to defeat, but it’s always good to try new things. This type of situation usually will inspire me to go learn the balloon requested or a close match at least.

 If you are looking to increase the balloon sculptures in your repertoire, check out the tutorial items we have on our website.

Until next time,

Happy twisting!

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