How Clowns Say I Love You

With Valentines' Day fast approaching, it's time for some "sweet" magic!

To take your audience from woo to WOW! Try this fun routine using a Cupcake Pan

What you do to make the Valentine magic happen:

Bring a prospective valentine to stage, explain that you would like to make them a valentine surprise. Present a beautiful silver pan, with some simple ingredients of flour, sugar and water. Pour the ingredients into the pan, cover with the lid and ask your assistant to blow a kiss at the pan.
With their kiss, the holiday magic has happened. Simply remove the lid and produce a cup cake with an I luv U heart in the middle.


How it works:

You will need a Cupcake Pan, a cupcake and one candy heart (printed with I LUV U, if you can).

1) Pre-load the pan with the cupcake by following the instructions that come with the Cupcake Pan.
2) Add ingredients to the empty pan.
3) Cover with lid, and reveal the magic.
This is a very easy, self working piece of magic that can be re-worked for many occasions.



Looking for some quick and easy approaches to woo your audience? Use one of Clown Antics many heart-felt clown stickers!

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