“How Good is Your Auguste?” Auguste Makeup Contest!

We’re now in the month of August and don’t you think it sounds a little familiar? That’s right, it sounds like one of our favorite clowns, the Auguste!

The Auguste clowns are usually the “troublemaker” of the Clown Hierarchy. According to our clown friend, Russ Kennedy, in his latest ClownAntics blog post:

“Often played as an overgrown child or simpleton the Auguste could easily be described as a halfwit, innocent like a child or blissfully unaware. This character is commonly the comic relief to the White Face but a step above the Tramp or Hobo. The Auguste can also be quite impish and cause trouble for the other clown brigade.”

Now, since the whitefaces have already shown us what they got in our previous contest, don’t you think it’s about time to give the stage to the Auguste?

Behold… our “How Good is Your Auguste?” Clown Makeup Contest!
About the Contest

Boo Boo  (30)

Boo Boo

Well, there’s not much explaining needed for our contest. It’s a contest for Auguste clowns who wants to show the world who they are and their auguste look! The contest will start on August 1.

To join, all you need to do is to put on your Auguste makeup, snap a photo of your look and submit your entry to the contest page! Oh, and include you clown name, of course! Remember, the entries will be held for approval upon submission and will be posted in the contest page in the next business day.

For those who need inspiration, check out our blog post about Auguste clowns. click here!
The Winner

The simpleton

The simpleton

The winner will be chosen by our judges. But, the votes on each entry can still help in you winning! So, share your entry to your friends and relatives and let them vote!

The winner will be chosen on August 31 and will receive a $100 Gift Certificate from ClownAntics!

Note: Everyone who joined the contest and voted will be given 10% off and 5% off promo codes for ClownAntics, respectively.

So, calling out all Auguste clowns out there! The stage is yours and the spotlight is on you!


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