How to create a Ice Queen Masqurade Mask

This is a great Holiday Party mask, but can be used with much more other parties such as Halloween or “Frozen parties for the adults to tag along!” You are NEVER to old to have your face painted, if you love make up it is the same thing and I applaud who are not afraid of showing they love face paint just as much as I do!

*Unless stated otherwise please click on the highlighted words to send you straight to what I used!

Brushes & Sponges:

#2 & #4 Brushes

Hydro Sponge

They can be found Here!

Stencil & Gems:

BAM stencil 2005 – swirls and dots, can be found Here!

Gems Found Here!

Paint Used:

DFX white

Tag Pearl White and Blue





1: With your Sponge Load your Tag Pearl white and begin outlining your eye sockets and the bridge of your nose

2: Next with your BAM stencil, place it around your temple, load your brush with more Tag Pearl white and dab gently until you believe there is enough to suffice, be careful not to load it to wet as it might bleed and get messy!

3: Load another sponge with Tag pearl blue ( not to much just a tad ) now cover the areas shown, between the eyebrows continuing up to the middle of your brows and as well as the cheek area ( if it gets to overwhelmingly blue take some of your pearl white and tone it down but tapping gently til a mild tone of blue emerges)


4: From this point I will only be showing one side as it should be or almost identical to the opposite side. Take your #2 &#4 brushes and load them with DFX white. Now create your tear drops, putting your brush down and making a swoop. Making a focal point to look or for you to join your tear drops is a great way to help with evenly spreading them out as well. If you still are having a bit of issues please refer to my tutorial Here for more in depth look into tear drops.

5: Keep adding tear drops and tear drop swirls until you’ve exasperated all your empty space.

6 & 7: Now on to the detail parts! With your same #2 & 4 brushes load them with the Pearl Blue ( you can go crazy on the loading!) Outline your stencil artwork and begin to make dots in desired areas that need to be filled. I also painted my eyelashes white ( please take caution in doing this especially if you are not use to putting mascara or anything in your eyelashes!)

*Now that you are finished with your mask, take your #4 brush with the Pearl Blue and put some lipstick on! with a tad of white to add for effect!

*Dont forget your gems as well! (Glitter is optional as always!)

Congrats! you’ve made it through a pretty extensive face paint tutorial and I bet it looks fabulous! If not that’s okay, the beauty of face paint is it easily washes off and you can do it over and over again! Practice makes perfect! Thanks for reading I appreciate it!

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