Video: How To Do Ventriloquism by April Brucker

Get useful tips on how to improve your puppet skills with April Brucker's Ventriloquism tutorial!

Let me get to the basics of ventriloquism! First thing's first: lip control. Yes, it's the big secret to ventriloquism - you need to be able to control your lips. The thing that's going to help you is this handy dandy magical mirror.

So what you need to do is put the mirror down, and smile. But don't smile too hard - relax your smile and talk with your throat. The next thing you might want to do, is go through the alphabet. So now you've said the alphabet without moving your lips! Try that a few times and the mirror is your friend.

Note that ventriloquism can make your mouth go very dry, so you should always have a glass of water handy. Next thing you want to do, is you see some sounds are harder than others. Like B, M, and W. So instead of candy bar, say candy var. Substitute the V for the B. Instead of M&Ms, substitute the N for the M. And you can do a variety of substitutions with every word.

Finally, the next thing you need is a puppet. Before you get a puppet though, practice with your hand. That way, you know how to do the synchronization.


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