How to Face Paint a Quick and Easy Kitty Cat

Cat Final Amy Liza Williams


1. Make sure you are using FDA approved cosmetic grade face paints that are intended for use on skin. Never use acrylic or craft paints!

2. Try to use each color only once.  Work your design in layers so that you can save time by not having to dip your brush again for an already used color.




1.  Starting with the orange face paint, and your paint brush. Add a little drop of water to your face paints. Work the water into your paints using your brush, until you have a good consistency of paint, and your brush is full loaded.

2. Paint an oval shape where you want your design to go. Add two triangles on top of your oval shape. Let dry.

Cat 1

3. Next using the white face paints, draw two ovals where you want the eyes to go.  Paint three quick brushstrokes on each side of where the mouth will go. You’ll want to make sure they are centered. You can use the placement of the eyes as a guide. Paint the whiskers below each eye.

cat 2

4. Now using the black face paint, you can bring your design to life by adding the outline. Go ahead and do the outside of the design first, letting the white paint dry. Add little brushstrokes on each side of the face giving the cat some fur. Add a little on the top between the ears. Outline the outside of both ears, and add a few quick brushstrokes on the inside of the ear as well. Paint a oval between the whiskers to add the nose. Draw a straight line down underneath the nose, then curve the line out to each side to make the mouth.  Finally add a few black lines underneath the white whiskers to add some dimension to your design.

Cat Final Amy Liza Williams

5. Add some glitter meow, to make it pop! I’ve learned as a face painter both boys and girls love glitter so don’t forget to ask everyone if they would like some glitter!

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