How to Face Paint a Quick and Easy Watermelon Slice!

Watermellon 3 yo

For the preparation and face painting tips, refer to the top of the page. 


Medium #4 Round Brush
Amerikan Body Art Cosmetic Glitter – Holographic White (Sheer)

Colors used in this picture:

Wolfe Face Paints – Yellow
Wolfe Face Paints- Light Green
Tag Body Art Rose


1.  Starting with the light green face paint, and the medium round brush, paint a wide “U” shape. Square off the top of the “U”, making it flat.

watermellon 1 yo

2.  Fill the shape with pink face paint, using the same brush. Make sure the pink fill all the way to the top and is flush with the top of the green shape

watermellon 2 yo

3. Finally, using the black face paint, outline your design. Trace around the green, adding lines for shading. Add black mini tear drop brush strokes, by pushing your brush down slightly and flicking in a diagonal downward movement. Add glitter to make your design sparkle!
Quick and Easy!

Watermellon 3 yo

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