How to face paint a quick lady bug



1. Make sure you are using FDA approved cosmetic grade face paints that are intended for use on skin. Never use acrylic or craft paints!

2. Try to use each color only once.  Work your design in layers so that you can save time by not having to dip your brush again for an already used color.

What you will need:



1. Start by painting a red circle where you want your ladybug to go, using your red face paint and a medium sized brush.  You’ll want to activate the paint with a little water. You can add water to your paint using your paint brush. Move your brush back and forth over the paint, until your brush is fully loaded.


2. Next, using the black face paint, and a smaller brush, add varying sizes of dots and circles . Add a circle for the head, and make two big swirls coming from the head for the antennas.


3. Finally, with the small brush add white dots to the design.  Add two white dots on the head, and add white dots over the black.  That’s it! A quick and simple ladybug that will make kids happy! Add some red or iridescent glitter to the design if you choose.


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