How to Face Paint a Quick Sun

For the preparation and face painting tips, refer to the top of the page. 


Medium #4 Round Brush

Colors used in this picture:

Tag Body Art Yellow
Tag Body Art Orange
Diamond FX Essential Black


1. Start by painting a yellow circle where you want your design to go. Then paint four tear drop shapes, one of the top, one below, and one on each side.

Sun 1

2.  Next, using the same brush and paint, paint additional tear drop shapes between the four larger tear drop shapes.

Sun 2

3. Now using the orange face paint and the same round brush, Paint additional tear drops over the existing one, letting them overlap.  Paint some orange circles in the middle of the yellow circle.

Sun 3

4. Finally, using the same brush take the black face paint, and outline your design. Add some eyes and a nice smile. You now how a quick and easy design that kids will love.


Sun Final

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