How To Face Paint A Vampire Face

Here are three great face paint ideas for the Halloween season.

The Vampire: 

1. Using a sponge or cosmetic wedge, cover the victims face fully in white
2. With a round, fine tip brush color the eyebrows in black.

3. At the edge of the eye draw a small black line. Color the lips black as well.

4. For the cheeks and eyelids I used a blush style make up and a soft brush. Start at the cheeks continuing up the jawline. Lightly go over the eyelid.

5. With just a little black on your thin brush shade in the nostrils.

6. Last but not least, a couple of lines of red for the vampire's last meal.
This is a quick and easy face paint good for both girls and boys. If you do a male vampire, just skip the eye shadow. 
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