How to face paint Balloons



1. Make sure you are using FDA approved cosmetic grade face paints that are intended for use on skin. Never use acrylic or craft paints!

2. Start with the lightest colors first, then use the darker colors last.

What you will need:
Diamond FX Essential Black
Diamond FX Essential White

Wolfe Face Paints – Yellow
Wolfe Face Paints – Orange
Wolfe Face Paints Red
Wolfe Face Paints – Blue

Paint brushes: Medium round and Fine tip.
Paper towels, or towel


1. Starting with the yellow face paint, paint a oval shape where you want your design to go.  Next take the orange face paint, and paint an oval next the yellow oval. Before you do, make sure that the paint is dry. Let the orange oval overlap the yellow oval to create depth. You can mix the colors to create more shades.

 Balloons 1


2. Next add a red balloon to the front of your design, then paint a blue balloon overlaping the red balloon.  Paint a blue balloon at the back of the design, by painting a triangle type shape. You’ll want to fit it to the contour of the surrounding shapes. Just like the video game, Tetris!

Balloons 2

3. Taking a thin brush and the black face paint, you’ll want to outline each balloon with a small line. Draw a small dot where you want the handle of your balloons to, then draw a line from each balloon to the handle.  Paint additional wavy thin lines below the handle to add more length to the strings.

balloons 3


4. Finally, take your small brush and add highlights to the design.  Paint a white dot in each balloon, then add a quick brushstroke next to each dot.  Add sparkles to the design. If you have time, then you can do a different color glitter in each balloon.


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