How to face paint quick and easy music notes

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Music Notes 3

For the preparation and face painting tips, refer to the top of the page. 

Tools: Medium #4 Round Brush Colors used in this picture: Diamond FX Essential Black


1. Starting with the black face paint, and the round brush, start to layout the background. Start with painting a thick vertical line. Paint 5 lines evenly spaced horizontally connected to the first line.  Make them as curved and long as you would like. Music Notes 1 2.  Continue with the same brush and paint, Add a G cliff, next to the thick vertical line.  You’ll want to paint the G  cliff in one continuous movement.  Starting at the bottom, below the design. Start to go up over all the lines all the way to the top then swoop over to your right and then around to a spiral. End the spiral at about the third line. Music Notes 2 3. Add notes, have them start with their dots on the middle of the line, or between the lines. You can have two notes connect, or have them separate.  This is how notes are laid out for music. Add as many as you want, and where. It’s like painting a song! Music Notes 3

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