How To Find Clients For Your Clown Service Part 2

This article is the second part of a series of two on how to find clients. Here is the first part, just click the following link if you have not read it, or just want to read it again:

Continuing where we left in my previous article, here are a few more marketing options for you to try out.




Twitter is another great place to have an account. Every tweet you post gets picked up by the search engines like Google and Bing. So make sure you tweet some keywords in there.

Your Own Website

Your Website

Your Website

You can build a website yourself with free services like Wix or Weebly, or you can look up for an online marketer expert to do one for you. Whatever you do, make sure the design is clean, not cluttered and that it complies with mobile websites standards. It should have at least, your services listed, what areas you cover, pictures, videos, your phone number and a contact form.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google Search

Google Search Results For “Payaso Rochester”

As you can see above in the picture, if somebody in Rochester, NY searches for “clown Rochester” in Spanish, I am dominating all first page of Google. This is what Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, does for you when it’s done right. My main market is Spanish speaking people. Since I have a website in Spanish, I optimized it for when somebody types in that keyword, my website and all my other social media pops up in the first page. This is not easy to do. You can learn it and do it yourself by searching in Google, or you can pay somebody else to do it for you.

There are other free and paid methods of online advertising you can do additionally to these I mention. For example, you can post ads in classified ads websites like Craigslist, you can write guest blog posts for other websites, you can set up other social media accounts like Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat (Which I also have), you can buy ads in Google or in Facebook, and many ways that are possible in this time and era of the Internet age.

There are also other options in the offline world too. For example, you can offer free services for charity, parades, schools (including karate, dancing, music, etc) in your slow months to get your name out there. You can place ads in newspapers, dress yourself as a clown and give away flyers, you can partner up with another business and greet people at the door or do balloon figures, and many more. Just fire up your brain and start writing anything that comes to it. Some ideas will be good and some will be bad. Just test them out and you will know which are the good ones.

I recommend you choose just one of the options I mentioned here and start working on building it up. Then after that one is attracting customers for you, choose another one and start building it up. This works for new clowns as well as for established clowns.

Now don’t just think about it…. JUST DO IT!!!

Pikorete The Clown and Pompita The Face Painter serves the area in Rochester, NY and nearby cities. Pikorete likes to celebrate Birthdays for kids and adults alike, Baby Showers, Sweet 16, Graduations, Weddings, school parties and any other event that the host wants it to be fun. His specialty is making little people and big people, young and old, laugh with his funny games, dances, and other crazy stuffs that he does or that he invents at the moment. You can visit his website at

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