How to Paint an Ice Monster!

This is a great tutorial for an beginner/ intermediate face painter, This fuzzy little monster loves to gather snow! He’s cold and vicious don’t let his furry cuteness fool you!

Brushes/Sponges Used:

Hydro Sponge

1/2 inch brush, #2 and #4 round brush

Make up brushes and Sponges can be located Here!

Paint used:

DFX Captain Obvious split cake

DFX White, Black, & Red and Teal

BAM Stencil Reptile 1004



1: With your sponge and your lightest part of the split cake, glide your sponge back and forth to load it, Now cover your inner eye ( do not forget to get underneath your eye lid!)

2: Take your 1/2 inch brush and load it with the Captain Obvious split cake and make vertical strokes making sure that the paint has the lightest color towards the eye at all times. Continue to all the way around your eye and stop to make the nose

3: With your #4 Brush load it with DFX Red and make a circle as shown where you made the spot for it, it doesn’t have to be red and it doesn’t have to be a circle! Make it your own little monster if you want!

4: With your #2 brush load it with the darkest blue of the split cake, now with pressing down and letting up make an eyebrow ( doesn’t have to look mean I just thought it was cute for him to pout!) you can also add some little legs and arms as well, that is totally up to you! Now rinse it out and with the same brush, load your #2 with the DFX black and outline your eye as well this is where you can possibly make this little monster a girl instead of a guy with some eyelashes!

#5: Load your #2 brush with DFX white and create some white highlights in the nose and on the fuzzy fur.

#6 and final: With your BAM stencil take your sponge, spray and load it with the DFX Teal, place your stencil (with the smaller scales preferably) on your eye and press lightly to create the stencil pattern inside your little monster. Now with your monster all ready it needs some Snow! Load your #4 brush with DFX white and make some dots, wisps and star bursts and you got yourself a nice furry monster with snow!

Congrats! you’ve made your own little monster! whether he loves snow or cookies or even candy canes this little monster will stay on til the next tutorial…or until you wash it off of course haha! If it doesn’t look like mine that’s good! That means you have your own talent waiting to spring out, it means that your style is different then mine and that is okay! Have fun and dont forget to share and pin my tutorial for other people to see!

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