How to Pick Your Nose

Tippy and Miles

Tippy and Miles

As the saying goes; “You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but you can’t pick your friends nose.”  More importantly, do you know how to properly pick your own nose? Of course we mean clown nose silly, but this is an important question just the same. Selecting the proper clown nose is not a difficult task but one that should take some thought and time looking over the possibilities. Today we have a variety of shapes, sizes, finish styles and materials to select from. The classic red-shiny-round nose has been a standard for years but nowadays you don’t have to settle for the old standby. Here are some thoughts for you as you shop for a clown nose.

Your Nose Knows:

Comfort is a huge factor, a proper fit will enable you to wear the clown nose for longer periods of time without discomfort. If the nose you select is too big it may not adhere well to the surface of your actual nose causing the fake nose to slip off, however you can use a filler putty to take up the excess room to create a snug fit. If the nose you like is too tight, most of the noses that have the foam interior can be shaved out to fit your nose properly. A soft latex style nose does not have material inside and usually large enough to fit most people. With a soft latex nose you may find the need for the filler putty we mentioned to create a secure fit. Speaking of putty, in the early circus days some clowns made their entire nose from putty, an art form that has mostly gone by the wayside.  Perhaps you don’t care for a full clown nose at all, the option here is for a nose tip. One can find a variety of nose tips from a simple round one to heart and flower shaped tips.

Finishes and Colors:  IMG_0001 - Copy copy

You have a choice when it comes to the finish look of the clown nose, a shiny clear coat or a flat matte finish, this is all preference to the performer. Flesh toned noses are also available, which is a great style for a Tramp clown. Shiny noses look sharp for the white face for sure but you may also go for something really different like a pink nose with sparkles which allows for some creativity and adding your own unique look to your clown face. The Auguste clown may wish to have a soft matte finish instead of the bright red or perhaps a flesh colored character style, it all depends on the performer and how the nose flows with the overall look of your clown character. In the photo at the top of the page we see our white face clown Tippy with the classic shiny red nose and Miles the Tramp with a flesh colored nose, both noses complementing the style of their characters. The next photo you see an example of different shapes, colors and finishes available.

A sticky situation:

You have this wonderful new nose but how to stick it to your face you ask? There are a few options available when looking for adhesives; Spirit gum, which has been around for many years, is a tried and true adhesive but for some there is a need for a different avenue when it comes to getting their nose to stay put.  Latex adhesives are one alternative, this remains more pliable when dry and some find it to be more comfortable than spirit gum. Adhesive tape can be a less messy option to the liquid style adhesives; as always, find what works best for your needs. Make sure you do not have an allergy to latex as this would be bad for your skin. ALWAYS have the proper adhesive remover on hand, adhesives are not all the same nor are the removers. If you are using the medical grade adhesive, spirit gum remover may not effectively work.  If you are unable to use any of the adhesives or removers due to a sensitivity or allergy, string kits are available, these will work with most professional noses.

Keep it clean.

Cleaning  your clown nose after each use will help increase the longevity and proper fit of your clown nose; simply use a cotton ball or swab dipped in adhesive remover and wipe out the inside of the nose. You may not get all of the glue out but removing the majority will help keep the excess build up from altering the fit. Sometimes excess glue will stick to the exterior of your clown nose, a little adhesive remover on a cotton ball will clean this up and leave your nose looking top notch. Make sure to follow any special care instructions from the nose manufacturer, some adhesives and removers may cause damage to your specific nose type.

So with all this great information about nose picking at your fingertips, we hope you go out and pick a winner!



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