I Am Not Alone

The one thing my husband remembers from the first time he saw me clown at church was that I handed him a prune and said, "I'm starting a movement!" He has been involved in almost every clown event since then.

Hector can get up in front of people and preach all day about the Lord, but asking him to clown around is another story! And yet he is more of a natural clown than I am!

He wears rubber bands on his wrists and entertains young and old with magic tricks. His rubber band tricks always draw a crowd.

Hector is essential to the clown events. He has done so much for me, and with me, these past eight years, it's about time to devote a whole article to him.

When we were working at the refugee camps, Hector put a little makeup on (a couple times) and clowned with me. We thought two clowns would be better than one.

That was stretching him a little too far. He was happier without the makeup. Hector really doesn't need the makeup or costume. He always makes kids laugh; he is very playful.

He is willing to help in any way. He has been my bodyguard on many occasions, along with regularly being my photographer and sound man. Hector has performed the rope trick with me often. 

Hector's jobs are usually behind the scenes, but he is vital to the shows. I am so grateful that he is here encouraging and supporting me. It makes me happy to see his smiling face in pictures as he watches me and the audience. That is amazing considering how many times he has seen the same routines!

I would love to see Hector perform magic tricks as part of the show. Maybe I should get him some linking rings for his birthday...

Until then, all I know is, I wouldn't be Chahloula, or Mimi, without him.



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Thanks for this post, LeeAnn. It’s so good to show our appreciation those family members and friends who support us in what we do, especially since that isn’t the case for some performers, sadly. Great post!


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