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In the on going saga of being a unique performer, one can find themselves stuck in a rut. If a writer can have writers block, so can any other form of artist experience that lack for new ideas, including clowns. The feeling of being “stuck” creatively often it is due to “trying too hard” for an idea to come. We may need to stop “trying to create” for a moment in order to allow the process to happen naturally. Some of the most famous photos in history came from a moment of spontaneity; the soldier kissing the nurse.

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Finding inspirations:

So you are asking, “how do I let the creativity happen?” This process will vary from person to person. I have read many interviews with singer/songwriters talking about the process of creating music. Many of them have a lyric or verse come to them from a news headline, others find inspiration for an entire song from a simple relaxing morning on a park bench watching the people go about their day. Perhaps for you, inspiration will come from listening to your favorite music or watching a favorite movie. The idea is to get your brain off of the task of creating consciously  and let the subconscious mind go to work.

Talk it out:

Having a group of friends in the industry can be very beneficial when creating a new clown routine, face paint design or balloon twist. Artists and performers of like mind often have a better insight into the subject you are struggling over. Talking through ideas with your group can be inspiring for all. My friends and I try to get together often for fun and to hang out, but also knowing that our meetings get the old creative juices flowing and we typically leave recharged ready for action.

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No pressure:

While we may always wish to be this super creative, amazingly unique clown with tricks and routines no one has ever seen be for in all of history, it won’t always be so. As a matter of fact, familiarity is a good thing some of the time. People get to know certain clown gags, juggling routines or want the same face paint designs as they got from another painter. Embrace this sensation and make the moment yours by adding your own personal touch. So what if every other face painter does a tiger, you can find little accent to make it unique to your style. Who cares if all of the other clowns make a balloon dog just the same, have fun with the kids as you twist the balloons, show them your balloons may be the same but your interaction with them is different. A whole bunch of clowns have done the same kind of kids magic and will continue to do so for the end of time, that is why the Hippity Hop Rabbit is still being made. Come up with new stories as you perform the trick, the story is what makes the magic trick interesting, not just standing there going through the moves which make the trick happen.

You are you:

There are many aspects that go into creating your clown character; makeup, wardrobe, wigs and the overall attitude you have that makes your clown your own. Letting your personality shine through is what will help make you a unique performer. If you are a person who loves animals, then let that be part of your individuality. Maybe you have a dog that would be perfect to come along and help entertain your audience. I myself am a sucker for a friendly dog and you have my heart if you just let me pet them. Concentrate on your positive attributes, you may find this is the precise formula it takes to turn your performances into a one of a kind masterpiece!

We hope our blog posts are an inspiration to you as you continue your journey in the entertainment world. Have fun and help inspire others!

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