I Want To Love More!

This will wake up your audience!


All you need are a handful of heart balloons (heart balloons), a balloon pump (balloon pump), and some red tissue paper and scissors.

Here is a little something to do in between longer routines. I keep it very simple, and you can too. Peach E. got a new heart and wanted to start using it right away. (You are free to go into this short skit as you like, of course!)

Peach E. says, “I got a new heart! Dear God, please fill my heart with Your love.”

Using a pump, blow up a heart balloon until it pops. (I don’t recommend blowing them up by mouth! It hurts when they pop!) Also, it works better with the skit to demonstrate a lot of effort and work pumping up the balloons.

Talking and praying, “I want to love more! I want to love like Jesus does! I want my heart to get bigger! More of Your love, God!”

You get the idea. While you are talking, keep blowing up balloons until they pop. You might even say, “Ouch!” a few times like I did. Those balloons can hurt!

“No matter how hard I try to love people more, my heart only gets this big (use your hands to show the size of a balloon) and then it explodes! Do you know how much Jesus loves? He loves us this much (motion with your arms spread wide apart like on the Cross.)

“All that work and my heart didn’t change! I decided to let God work on my heart.”


At this point, bring out the scissors and the the red tissue paper. (The paper should already be prepared. Fold it accordion-style and hold it with the connected edges on the sides.) Slowly start cutting pieces off the folded tissue paper to make a heart shape, making sure sides are still connected.


“God did a little of this… And a little of that… God circumcised my heart. Ouch! It hurt! I’ve never been circumcised before!” (Yes, much funnier for girl clowns to say!)



“When we love one another, we love like Jesus did. Look! When we are connected and love one another, we can love this much!”

Now you can open your arms wide, with the string of connected hearts in front of you!


Stay connected, and Love One Another!



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