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By day she is a case worker with the Pennsylvania State Services in Blair County. However, what most don’t know is she leads a double life. While one could ask what superman she transforms into, that hardly does her justice. Instead, she becomes something more amazing. Enter Miss Choo, clown, entertainer, and winner of balloon design contest.

Miss Choo and Choo Choo
(Miss Choo and Choo Choo the Clowns)

Miss Choo had an unlikely foray into balloon designing. Always a gifted artist, she had made life size still sculptures for the Jaffa Shrine events where she and her husband were members. He liked to clown and she liked to clown. While it seemed like a match made in clown heaven, the Shriners had other ideas. Translated, in the Shriners men and women cannot clown together. For a husband, wife, and junior joey this was a heartbreaking development.

Many families also found themselves unhappily in the same scenario, as clowning is a family activity. Tired of the restrictions from the Shriners, in 2006, Miss Choo and her fellow clowns started Clown Alley #425, otherwise known as the Toon Town Klowns. Registered with the COAI (Clowns of America International), here families could clown together regardless of gender.

While with the Toon Town Klowns, Miss Choo discovered her career with balloons after watching her husband on the internet. Soon Miss Choo began making sculptures for birthday parties, special events, and even on special occasions for coworkers at her day job. However, one of her biggest contributions to the community out of costume is that Miss Choo’s sculptures have been seen at the entrance of the local family court. She feels that by creating something fun and beautiful, she ease the tension in a very stressful environment.

Miss Choo's winning Balloon Design

When not designing new balloon pieces, she can be seen looking at new designs and investing in the latest, trendiest balloons to make top notch art. Miss Choo can also be seen not only making her balloon designs, but clowning with her husband, Choo Choo (a train conductor by day) and her daughter, junior joey A-Choo. Her goal is to make Balloons by Miss Choo a full time gig in the next few years. For more on her please go to Miss Choo's Facebook page.

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