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Happy New Year!

It’s a brand new year for all clowns and clownettes in the land. But so far, 2017 has not been that all great for us clowns because of the eminent shutdown of the legendary Ringling Bros Circus and Barnum & Bailey Circus. We are saddened by the fact that the legendary stage for entertainers will no longer be around to bring joy and make dreams come true to its followers and members.

But still The Show Must Go On.

So as the first contest for the year 2017, we are shouting out to all clowns in the world to show us your Character get up and strike a pose! It’s time for ClownAntics’ Character Clown Photo Contest!



The contest is simple, show us your best character get up whether it be a Chef, a police officer, a doctor, a cowboy, anything! This contest is open to all clowns in all parts of the world! There are just a few rules to follow for your entry to be approved:

Rules : 

1. Clown should still represent one of the 3 types. Whiteface, Auguste / Lite Auguste and Tramp/Hobo

2. The character of the clown should be evident i.e. Chef, Doctor/ Nurse, Lion Trainer, Golfer etc.

3. Props and costuming to help convey the character’s look are very helpful.

4. Entrant must be on the picture.

5. Photo entry must be a single image (no collages)

6. You must own photo/have permission to use it and have permission to use likeness of individuals pictured in it.

There will be two (2) winners. One winner will be chosen by our judge and the other winner will be the entry with the highest number of votes.

The winners will each receive a $50 store credit for our online store,! Winners will be chosen on March 1.

Submit your entries by clicking the button below:


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