Juggling Jokes


When performing, we never made a mistake juggling, well, almost never - just make it part of your act! Here are some helpful lines:

  • "This is where my act starts picking Up"
  • "It MUST be a defective ball!"
  • "WOW! Did you feel that gust of wind?"
  • "OOpS! Back to the drawing board!”
  • Throw the other two down and say, "We will try it again when you guys think you can get it right"

While juggling, announce that you will juggle behind your back. Stop juggling, put your hands behind your back and move them frantically. You may get some groans, but remember, a groan is as good as a laugh and indicates that your audience is paying attention.

Eight ball juggling - announce that you will attempt to juggle eight balls. Pull out three "eight" balls.

Nine ball juggling - announce that you will attempt to juggle nine balls. Pull out three sets of three balls, each glued together.

M & M candies - ask, "why is this so difficult"? Audience will respond, "because they are so small." You in turn respond, "no because they are different colors" throw one high in the air, and catch it in your mouth.

Check Book - "this is the only way I can juggle my accounts".

Feet - get three toy feet from a craft store. "Ladies and Gentleman, are you ready for some amazing feats of juggling??"

Pigs - "I just love to ham it up because it makes my audience go hog wild."

Tossed Salad (use a ready-made carrot, cucumber and tomato) - "it's not polite to play with your food, but I can't resist a tossed salad"

Burger to Go (use two ready-made bun halves, burger) - "have it your way, hold the pickles and hold the tomato's, this burger is ready to go"

Throw a Party (use ready-made cake, ice cream and gift) - "parties excite me so much, I can't decide whether to eat the cake or the ice cream or open the gift."

Global Balance - try singing, "I have the whole world in my hands" as you juggle three globes.

Flying Penguini - penguins can wobble, swim, slip and slide but these guys can "fly", three penguins.

Rabbit Transit - "a hare raiSing experience", three bunnies.

Jugglosaurus - "fly"-osaurus, "soar"-osaurus, and "leap"-osaurus (three dino'saurs.)

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